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Conflict Resolution

The Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution is an executive-style graduate level program that offers working professionals the opportunity to develop a set of core competencies to understand and effectively intervene in a variety of conflict situations. Students are taught and mentored by conflict resolution professionals and researchers actively engaged in advancing the field of conflict and its resolution, many of whom are associated with the Centre for Conflict Education and Research at Carleton. As well, participants study alongside other students who are highly competent professionals. The program also ensures that students become competent in the practice of mediation, as well as knowledgeable about the theories that underlie it. Once you have finished your coursework, you will have up to one year to complete a skills assessment of your ability to integrate theory and practice in a simulated, real-life situation.

Capital Advantage

Located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and in close proximity to Parliament, the Supreme Court, and government departments concerned directly and indirectly with law, and near to the offices of many interest groups and social movements concerned with legal and social change, Carleton University provides unrivaled resources for research and policy studies. Carleton has forged strong connections with Ottawa’s government section – creating scores of research and employment opportunities for our students.

Application Deadlines

  • All required application documents must be submitted online before December 1 if the intention is to start the program in the winter term.
  • All required application documents must be submitted online before May 1 if the intention is to start the program in the summer term.
  • International applicants are required to submit their application in full no later than September 1 in order to allow time for necessary arrangements.

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