Political Economy (Collaborative PhD)

The collaborative PhD with a specialization in Political Economy is especially designed for Carleton University doctoral students in participating programs in the Faculties of Arts and Social Science and Public Affairs who wish to enrich their training in a particular discipline or area of study by developing a political economy approach through interdisciplinary dialogue.

Read this story about the Political Economy program. It was published on October. 7, 2016.

Capital Advantage

Carleton University’s location in Canada’s capital city enables us to attract distinguished scholars from all over the world as guest faculty or speakers. Our students also have unparalleled access to Ottawa-based research offices and organizations, such as political party offices, NGO head offices, not-for-profit agencies and head offices of labour unions and advocacy organizations. Our students benefit both research-wise and career-wise from close proximity to these organizations.

Application Information

Students may only apply to this collaborative only program once they are enrolled in one of the participating PhD programs mentioned below. Applications are made to the Institute of Political Economy.

Participating Programs

Faculty Research Highlights

  • Political economy of resource extraction
  • Water, food, environment
  • Latin America, Africa, Canada
  • Labour and social activism
  • Feminist political economy

Contact Information

Graduate Supervisor: Profesor Cristina Rojas