Admission to Carleton’s graduate programs is competitive. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of the program to which you wish to apply. Although each program may vary slightly, the overall admission process is the same for all graduate programs.

How to Apply

Step Description
 Step 1:
Review and compare programs of interest
Carleton offers more than 100 graduate programs to choose from. You can find more information about the program, research areas, and specific admission requirements by visiting the departmental website.
Step 2:
Choose a program
 It’s important that you find a program that fits your own research and study interests by looking at the fields of specialization of the program in which you are interested.
Step 3:
Request an application account (Carleton Access Number)
After you have decided on the program(s) to which you would like to apply, you will need to request an application account. Once you have submitted your request for an application account, you will receive an email from the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) with your Carleton Access Number (CAN) and password. It is important that you save this email for future reference. Your account has been generated for you only, do not share these details with others.
Step 4:
Log in or create your OUAC Profile to complete your application
After you request an application account, you will then need to log in to your OUAC Profile. If you have applied through the OUAC any time after November 2016, you should have an OUAC Profile. You can use your current log in information. If you do not have an OUAC Profile, you will need to create one. Note: This OUAC Profile will be your profile at OUAC for any and all future applications.
Step 5:
Enter your Carleton Access Number (CAN) and password
 Once you log in to your OUAC Profile you will be required to read the information on the Welcome page. Once you have done so, click “continue” at the bottom of the page. You will then be required to enter your Carleton Access Number (CAN) and password in order to continue completing your application.
Step 6:
Update your Expected Course Enrollment
 After entering your Carleton Access Number (CAN) and password, you will be able to view your program details. On this page, you must select “Update” in order to specify your Expected Course Enrollment to either “part-time” or “full-time”. You also have the option of removing your program from your OUAC Profile. Please note that removing your program from your OUAC Profile will remove all details entered however, your original Carleton Access Number (CAN) and password will still be valid should you choose to add this program at a later date.
Step 7:
Complete the online application
As you move through the online application in your OUAC Profile, you will need to enter details about your academic history, referee information, English-language test score, etc. It is not necessary to complete the online application in a single session. You may return to your partially completed application as many times as needed to complete and submit it. Once the application has been submitted and your application fee has been processed, it cannot be modified.
Step 8:
Pay your application fee
 After you submit your online application you will be asked to pay the non-refundable application fee of $100.00 ($150.00 for the MBA program). This fee is payable to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) and can be paid by credit card only. Once your fee payment has been processed, you will receive an email within 1 – 3 business days with further instructions on how to complete your application package via Carleton Central.
Step 9:
Collect and submit your required documents
You will need to upload your required documents obtained from your online application into Carleton Central. When you access Carleton Central, you will be advised of all of the documents that you are required to upload for your particular program. Failure to upload your require documents as described may delay the processing of your application.Note: You can access information regarding your required documents by logging into your OUAC Profile and clicking on the “Supplementary Forms” link in your Program Details.
Step 10:
Review of applications
The academic unit will review your application, which may not occur until after the application deadline has passed. To find out the status of your application, you can log into Carleton Central and follow the “Graduate Admissions” link.
Step 11:
Admission decision
Once the academic unit has selected the applicants it would like to admit, recommendations are made to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs for final approval. If approved, an email is sent to the applicant informing them to log into Carleton Central to view their Offer of Admission and Funding as well as their Statement of Standing on Admission.
Step 12:
Accepting your Offer
If you receive an offer of admission and funding, you can accept the offer by logging into Carleton Central and accepting it online.

Applying to More Than One Program

A separate online application account must be requested for each program to which you are interested in applying. Each application account requested will have a unique Carleton Access Number (CAN) and password which will be emailed to you.  Each application will cost an additional application fee of $100.00 CDN ($150 CDN for the MBA program).

If you are adding additional applications, you will be required to enter this information in the “Program Details” section of your OUAC Profile by clicking on “Add Program”.  You must complete each application as per the instructions for that program. You must also submit separate required documents for each application you submit. For each additional application, ensure that you select your “Expected Course Enrollment” in “Program Details” and also submit new details in the “Referees” section.  In order to save your additional applications, you must submit and provide full payment.




Complete applications (including requires documents and supplementary forms) for admission to graduate programs may be submitted at any time before the appropriate application deadline. However, applicants who apply early may increase their chances of securing financial support for their graduate studies. For information on application deadlines, please visit our Deadlines website.

We are transitioning to a new application system. This means that both Summer and Fall 2019 applications will not be available until early October. We will post more information as it becomes available.


Required Documents

Applications to graduate programs at Carleton University require various documents such as aptitude test results, transcripts, letters of reference, a statement of intent, a writing sample, CV/Resumé, etc. This additional information is required to provide more background to assess an applicant’s suitability for entrance into a graduate program.

Required documents will vary depending on the program. Specific forms are available as Supplementary Forms in your online application as .PDF documents and for which will require you to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Please note that you must first save any Supplementary Forms to your computer before completing them electronically. Forms which are opened within your browser will not save data.

After you have submitted your online application and paid the non-refundable application fee through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC), Carleton will email you instructions on how to access Carleton Central and upload your required documents.

Review of Applications

After you have submitted your application, the application fee, and the required documents, the academic unit can begin to review your application. The time frame for processing applications can be different for each program. Decisions may be made on a rolling basis and may be made after the application deadline. You can review the status of your application in Carleton Central or contact the Graduate Administrator in the appropriate academic unit.

Other Important Information

Carleton is unable to process incomplete applications. It is your responsibility to ensure that your online application is submitted with payment and that all required documentation is received by Carleton before the application deadline. All information, documents, and transcripts supplied during the application process become the property of Carleton University and will not be returned.

If evidence of misrepresentation or fraudulent or falsified documentation is found, the penalty is severe. Carleton University reserves the right to revoke any offer of admission and/or financial support. Carleton University may also disclose evidence of any misrepresentation or fraudulent or falsified documentation to all Canadian universities, to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and to law enforcement personnel where appropriate.

If you have any program specific questions or wish to inquire about your application status, you can visit Carleton Central or contact the Graduate Administrator in the academic unit of the program to which you have applied.