While each program has its own minimum requirements, the following will give you a guideline to determine your eligibility to submit an application.

Master's Programs

  • 4-year (honours) bachelor’s degree
  • B+ or better in your major subjects
  • B- or better overall

Doctoral Programs

  • Master’s degree
  • B+ or better in your courses (including your thesis)
  • No grade below a B-

Graduate Diplomas

Collaborative Programs

International students can view the minimum requirement equivalencies from their country by visiting the international students section of our website.

Qualifying-Year Programs

If you do not have a 4-year honours degree you may be eligible for admittance into a qualifying-year program. Qualifying-year programs are specific to a small number of specific master’s programs. Even after completing a qualifying-year program, you will need to submit an application to the master’s program. Admission is not guaranteed.

If you are interested in completing a qualifying-year program, please contact the academic unit offering the master’s program to which you are interested in applying to see if a qualifying-year program is available and for further application instructions.