We offer two Graduate Diplomas in the Ethics and Public Affairs (EPAF), as well as a full PhD program. One is for current graduate students in their participating program at Carleton and the other is for professionals.

What makes our programs unique is that they combine ethical analysis with social science. EPAF students are taught and supervised collaboratively by philosophers who research public issues along with social science and public policy specialists interested in the values underlying those issues. The guiding framework is public reason—the idea that the exercise of power must be justifiable to the people over whom it is exercised. Alumni will be prepared to compete for academic jobs or for policy-related jobs in government and civil society, or as consultants.

Capital Advantage

As the national capital, Ottawa offers an array of learning and professional opportunities, complemented by ready access to government departments and agencies, parliamentary institutions, media and non-governmental organizations. Today, all of these groups are grappling with ethical questions and the best ways to handle them. The diploma programs are supported by a network of professionals who will offer mentorship on developing professional contacts and making research accessible to professional audiences. Practicum courses will allow students to gain valuable work experience in government and civil society or as consultants.

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    Fall Application Deadline: July 1

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    Contact: Graduate Supervisor – Professor Jay Drydyk

    Experiential Learning: Practicum (voluntary)

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