Our Master of Information Technology (MIT) degree addresses the needs of industry and society in the IT area, providing students with the skills they will need to succeed in this demanding and ever evolving field. The Master’s degree consists of two programs: Network Technology (NET) and Digital Media (DM).

Those pursuing the NET program will cover the design, management and operation of computer networks. They will develop research skills through courses and a project framework. DM students will focus on areas dealing with the development of content and technology for entertainment, education and communication. We also offer a Collaborative Specialization in Data Science to our DM students and a Collaborative Specialization in Cybersecurity.

Capital Advantage

Positioned in Ottawa, graduates of this program will benefit from a continuing connection with industry that has always been the strength of all engineering and technology programs at Carleton. Many major companies and federal government organizations have their head offices in Ottawa and Toronto.

Career Opportunities

The need for new digital media and network solutions is rapidly growing in both public and private sectors. Many of our DM graduates will go on to work with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which have strong research activities in the entertainment, media and communication industry, and also for government agencies and organizations who require digital media content and technologies. NET graduates could look at working with network operators, Internet service providers, or pursue careers with networking equipment manufacturers or with government agencies.

Note to International Applicants

Due to high demand with limited capacity, only international applicants who meet the following requirements (in addition to our minimum application requirements) will be considered for admission.

  • Master of Information Technology (Network Technology)
    • course based: an undergraduate degree in a related field with a GPA of 90% or higher.
    • thesis-based: support of a Carleton faculty member who is willing to supervise you
  • Master of Information Technology (Digital Media)
    • support of a Carleton faculty member who is willing to supervise you

Research Highlights

Network Technology

  • Apple iPhone networking subsystems
  • Network security and privacy
  • Cellular mobile networks
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of things

Digital Media

  • Media productions such as movies and commercials
  • Natural human-computer interaction methods
  • New educational technologies
  • Guidance and direction to the gaming industry
  • Exhibitions for national museums

Program Information

Length: 2 Years

Entry Terms: ,

Fall Application Deadline: January 15; August 1 (Winter term)

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Contact: Graduate Administrator

Pathway Options: Coursework, Research Essay (NET); Thesis (DM, NET)

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