Offered by the School of Linguistics and Language Studies (SLALS), the PhD in Linguistics, Language Documentation and Revitalization focuses on work with Indigenous and minority languages to develop tools to preserve, maintain, and revitalize them. It is an interdisciplinary PhD that combines theoretical linguistics (investigating structural properties of language) and applied linguistics (working with language as part of culture and community). Students will apply their linguistic knowledge in documentation projects involving classifying, annotating and analyzing linguistics data, and/or in creating materials to be used by the linguistic community in maintaining and revitalizing their language.

The SLALS faculty have expertise in a wide variety of languages including Inuktitut, Cree, Saami, Nauruan, Kurdish, Mennonite Plautdietsch and Tsuut’ina. Find a list of our renowned faculty here.

At the graduate level, we also offer an MA and Graduate Diploma in Linguisitics, a PhD in Linguistics, Language Documentation and Revitalization and an MA and PhD in Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies.


Carleton is located in Ottawa, the nation’s capital and a bilingual, multicultural centre of government, education, health care, and the headquarters for many non-profit organizations. This makes it an ideal site for the study of advanced linguistics. Our connections to these organizations provide our students with teaching and research opportunities during their program and with career options once they graduate.

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LENGTH:  4 years



CONTACT  Lev Blumenfeld, Grad Supervisor,

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