Canada’s first Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership degree (MPNL) prepares graduates to be innovators and leaders in nonprofits, social enterprises, philanthropic foundations, development offices, and in the governments, financial institutions and businesses that interact with them. It is designed for both full-time students who aspire to be change-makers in this field as well as for experienced professionals studying part-time for professional development. The program begins in July with an intensive summer institute and may be taken at a distance in a hybrid format or on campus. We also offer a shorter graduate diploma geared at working professionals and a professional entry master’s with reduced program requirements for those who qualify.

Capital Advantage

Ottawa is the headquarters of many national and international nonprofit organizations and professional associations, as well as a host of community-based organizations. The national capital offers an array of learning and professional opportunities, complemented by ready access to government departments and agencies. There are unparalleled career opportunities in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector, as well as in the governments and businesses that work with this sector, and a master’s degree has become the essential entry requirement.

Faculty Research Highlights

  • Charity regulation, tax policies and transparency
  • Place-based philanthropy and alternative financing models
  • Impact and responsible investing
  • Social economy in the North; social enterprise
  • Social media, communications and social/political activism

Program Information

Length: 5 Terms (full-time); 10 Terms (part-time)

Entry Terms:

Summer Application Deadline: January 15

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Contact: Graduate Supervisor – Anil Varughese

Experiential Learning:

Pathway Options: Capstone Research Project

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