The Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management is an intensive master’s degree designed to provide a professional foundation for students who will go on to leadership roles in the political offices and parties of the nation, and intended to contribute to a more constructive politics and well-informed policy decisions. This program is an important first for Canada. It insists on ethical comportment as a guiding principle at all times, along with respect for those on the other side of a partisan divide. The program is offered through the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs.

Capital Advantage

The program takes full advantage of Carleton’s location in the nation’s capital and draws on the university’s longstanding strengths in the analysis of Canadian politics and governance, voting behaviour and electioneering, political communication, public opinion measurement and the design of persuasive campaigns. While the program is explicitly designed for those who intend to launch careers as staff to elected politicians, it will also be of value to those who may wish to go on to work for organizations and agencies that seek to influence government policy and priorities, whether these be NGOs, public or private sector companies, or grassroots movements. Most of these are located in Ottawa.


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Faculty Research Highlights

  • Prof. Stephen Azzi examines prime ministerial leadership, Canadian-American relations and nationalism in English Canada.
  • Prof. Jennifer Robson studies household finances, poverty and Canadian social policy.
  • Prof. André Turcotte currently focuses on the emergence of new election campaign techniques and their detrimental impact on political engagement and participation.
  • Prof. Paul Wilson is examining the structure and processes of Cabinet in Canada, including relations between the prime minister, ministers, public servants and political staff.

Program Information

Length: 1 year

Entry Terms:

Fall Application Deadline: February 1

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Contact: Graduate Supervisor – Professor Stephen Azzi

Experiential Learning: Internships

Pathway Options: Coursework

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