Our MA program in Economics contains rigorous training in microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory and econometrics, as well as elective courses in a wide range of applied fields. Students can also pursue a concentration in Financial Economics. Our Internship Placement Program gives students an opportunity to apply the analytical skills acquired during their studies in the public service, private sector or non-governmental organizations. Carleton also has an exchange agreement with the University of Ottawa, which permits our students to enroll in one of their courses (with permission) without paying extra fees. A collaborative specialization in African Studies and Data Science are also available.

Newly available in the fall of 2016, a dual-degree MA/MBA pathway will allow a student to obtain both an MA in Economics, with a concentration in Financial Economics, and an MBA, with a concentration in Finance and Economics, in 20 months. This dual-degree enables students to combine the theoretical and quantitative orientation of the Economics MA program with the MBA’s focus on managerial applications and management skills.

Capital Advantage

Ottawa is home to government departments, foreign embassies and country-wide associations, as well as research institutes and non-governmental organizations involved in public policy and international issues. You will also benefit from the wealth of research facilities and libraries that are located in Canada’s capital. Our graduates often accept positions with these organizations.

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Economics

The Post-Baccalaureate Diploma (PBD or “post-bac”) program in Economics is an undergraduate degree designation designed for:

  • people who already have an undergraduate degree—whether in a math-intensive field like engineering or a writing-intensive field like journalism—and would like a rigorous and structured introduction to economics;
  • new Canadians, international students, and others with a degree from outside Canada, whether in economics or another discipline, who are looking for a one-year, recognized, Canadian qualification in economics; and
  • anyone who would like additional preparation for graduate education in economics beyond that provided by the degree(s) they hold already

For more information regarding the PBD in Economics program, pelase visit the Department of Economics website.

Contact Info:

Graduate Supervisor: Nick Rowe