The climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time, and our ability to address it will be a defining moment for society. The problem is complex and multifaceted, and can only be addressed through collaboration between groups spanning the humanities, sciences, engineering, business and public policy.

This unique Specialization draws on Carleton’s demonstrated strengths and its internationally-recognized climate change researchers across our faculties, creating an integrated, diverse Specialization responsive to student demand in this area. Working directly with professors and students from across the various faculties on campus, students in this Specialization will examine the interconnected nature of climate change, including the impacts and potential options to manage within ecosystems, communities and institutions and explore collaborative opportunities to address this global challenge.

Career Potential

Students completing the program will be better prepared to enter a global workforce that increasingly attends to risks and develops possible options to address the climate change problem. Students will graduate with a deeper appreciation for how other disciplines, outside their own, think about climate change and how they can work together in the quest for a sustainable and equitable future. The multidisciplinary skills gained from this Specialization will be highly-valued across various career paths such as industry, business, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government, communication and media, and academia.

Partnering  Programs

MA Anthropology
MA Communication
MA Economics
MA English
MA Geography
MA History
MA Migration and Diaspora Studies
MA Political Economy
MA Psychology
MA Sociology
MA Sustainable Energy
2-YR MArch
3-YR MArch
MASc Aerospace Engineering
MASc Civil Engineering
MASc Materials Engineering
MASc Mechanical Engineering
MASc Electrical and Computer Engineering
MEng Civil Engineering
MEng. Electrical and Computer Engineering
MASc Environmental Engineering
MEng Environmental Engineering
MEng Sustainable Energy
MSc Geography
MSc  Management


Students will earn their degree in one of the academic disciplines listed above with a Specialization in Climate Change. Degrees include: MA, MASc, MBA, MEng, and an MSc.

Application Process

Applicants do not apply directly to the Specialization. Instead, apply to the primary program and in that application, express interest in the Specialization.

Program Information

    Length: 1-2 years depending on home program

    Entry Term:  Fall, Winter, Summer

    Fall Application Date:  Varies according to home program


    Pathway Options: Check program list for details


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