Sustaining energy production and use is becoming increasingly challenging and requires innovative research into new and existing technologies, changes in consumer behaviour and more creative policy and regulatory approaches. Our graduate program in Sustainable Energy addresses these crucial challenges in a unique interdisciplinary fashion that involves both engineering and public policy.

Our program offers the following degrees:

  1. Master of Applied Science in Sustainable Energy (MASc)
  2. Master of Engineering in Sustainable Energy (MEng)
  3. Master of Public Policy in Sustainable Energy and the Environment (MPP)

Both the MPP and MEng programs offer co-op options and a Collaborative Specialization in Climate Change.

Note: The MPP and MEng program only accepts applications for the Fall entry term.

Capital Advantage

Being in the nation’s capital is a unique opportunity to experience the shaping of sustainable energy policies at the national and international level through interactions with federal departments, ENGOs, various multilateral energy associations and national research labs. Our location provides access to local government agencies and research institutions and enables our students to study the interactions between municipal, provincial and federal government departments, think-tanks, industry associations and international energy-related NGOs. Many career opportunities are just down the road.

Faculty Research Highlights

A complete list of faculty members contributing to this program, and their research projects, can be found on the Sustainable Energy website.

Program Information

Length: 2 years

Entry Terms: , (MASc only), Summer (MASc only)

Fall Application Deadline: February 1 (MPP); March 1 (MASc and MEng applicants).

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Jason Etele for Master of Applied Science
Andrew Speirs for Master of Engineering
Alexandra Mallett for Master of Public Policy

Experiential Learning: Co-op, Internships (lab), Applied Research Projects, Field Trips

Pathway Options: Coursework, , Thesis

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