Carleton University’s graduate programs in Sociology have been of national significance since the inception of the master’s degree in the early 1960s. The principal focus of our graduate programs is the organization and development of contemporary societies in comparative context and with particular reference to Canadian society. A key feature of our graduate programs is that they are student-centred. We feel strongly that students should have the opportunity to fashion for themselves the experience of graduate study that is going to serve them best. We also offer a concentration in Quantitative Methodology.

Specializations in Accessibility, African Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Digital Humanities, Climate Change  and Data Science are available.

Capital Advantage

As home to many governmental and non-governmental institutions, Ottawa provides exceptional institutional resources upon which our students can draw on for their research and learning. Our graduate students may pursue a placement in one such organization, linking practical work with their area of research interest. The nation’s capital also houses a variety of library, archival and museum collections that provide unique opportunities for those interested in the anthropological study of material culture, art, ethnohistory and historical texts.

Fields of Specialization

  • Applied Social Research
  • Cultural Studies
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Stratification and Power
  • Theory and Methodology

Faculty Research Highlights

  • Aaron Doyle – critical criminology; risk, insurance and security; surveillance
  • Neil Gerlach – social theory; cultural studies; biosecurity
  • Justin Paulson – Marxian critical theory; social movements; political economy
  • Daiva Staisulis – citizenship studies; migration; transnationalism

Program Information

Length: 2 years

Entry Terms: ,

Fall Application Deadline: February 1

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Contact: Graduate Supervisor – William Walters

Experiential Learning: Co-op, Field Placements

Pathway Options: Coursework, , Thesis

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