This program gives students an opportunity to be part of an intellectual community that is excited about an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The faculty members affiliated with the program are committed researchers and educators who will guide students through their program and introduce them to innovative methodological and theoretical approaches relevant to the study of the region.

As this program is based in Ottawa, it gives students a unique opportunity to capitalize on the presence of diplomatic and non-governmental institutions in the nation’s capital. Students will also have access to the long-established working relationships that faculty have cultivated in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Career Opportunities

Students in the Collaborative LACS MA will hone research skills and develop critical abilities that position them for employment in public service, the non-governmental sector, business, or to further their academic pursuits.

Application Information

Applicants wishing to apply to this Specialization must indicate this in their application(s) to the participating program(s) and indicate the reasons why they are interested in this collaboration.

Participating Programs

Anthropology (thesis, research essay, coursework)
Geography (thesis only)
History (thesis and research essay)
International Affairs (NPSIA) (coursework-only and research essay)
Migration and Diaspora Studies
Legal Studies
Political Economy (thesis and research essay)
Political Science (thesis and research essay)
Women’s and Gender Studies (thesis and research essay)
Sociology (thesis research essay, coursework)


Students will earn their MA in one of the academic disciplines listed above with a specialization in Latin and Caribbean Studies through research or coursework that addresses this field of study.

Program Information

    Degree:  MA with a Specialization in LACS

    Length:  1-2 years

    Entry Term: Fall

    Fall Application Deadline: Varies by program

    Contact:  Dr. Audra Diptée

    Pathway Options: Check program list for details

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