Thursday, July 24, 2014

Collaborative Programs – An Awesome Opportunity for New Grad Students

Over the past few years, Carleton University has introduced three collaborative specializations in African Studies (MA only), Digital Humanities (MA only) and Political Economy (PhD only).

Students already admitted into a collaborating program can apply to do an added specialization in one of those three areas. This is a tremendous opportunity to focus on a key area during one’s grad degree.

African Studies
Carleton is becoming the go-to place for African Studies with about 50 faculty conducting research in this area from multiple departments. The collaborative master’s program was created to pull all of these resources together so that students could earn their original degree in one of 15 programs but then focus on African Studies. A placement course was introduced that allows students to work in Africa itself or in the Ottawa-Gatineau community. You can check out more details, including the list of collaborating programs, by going to the FGPA African Studies  page. The deadline to apply is SEPTEMBER 30th.

Digital Humanities
Danuta Sierhuis, who was a member of the first class to graduate with a specialization in Digital Humanities, loved the interdisciplinary nature of her program. “Students in the program come from such varied educational backgrounds and interests that it challenges you to think about your own discipline and Digital Humanities differently. This also promotes the idea of collaboration between disciplines, which is a core element of DH.” Sierhius also appreciated her practicum that offered her hands-on experience in an area she wanted to pursue as a career – digital artworks and archival collections. You can find out more about this program by going to our FGPA Digital Humanities page. Applications to Digital Humanities are made through the collaborating program. The deadline to apply is AUGUST 1st.

Political Economy
Carleton’s oldest collaborative program is Political Economy at the PhD level. Nine doctoral programs are involved in this collaboration. Ryan Katz-Rosene who is pursuing his PhD in Geography with a specialization in Political Economy says:.“The program linked me into an interdisciplinary group of colleagues who shared an interest in political economy, and with whom I have been able to engage in critical discussions about contemporary political economic transformations. Being part of the collaborative program has also allowed me to keep my feet wet in different disciplinary arenas.” More information about the PhD collaborative specialization in Political Economy can be found on our FGPA Political Economy page. The deadline to apply is OCTOBER 31st.

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