You Have Been Accepted to Carleton – Now What?

Congratulations! You have been accepted to Carleton’s graduate school! Now what?

It is important that you accept/decline your offer online in Carleton Central in writing within 21 days of receiving your Offer of Admission unless otherwise specified.

As circumstances can change, you may wish to defer your Offer of Admission. At Carleton, a deferral is not a guarantee and you will need to contact the department to which you have been admitted to see if a deferral is a possible. If you have an Offer of Funding, it is valid for only the term to which you have been admitted and cannot be deferred. You are urged to consult with the department to which you have been admitted to discuss your options, which may include a new Offer of Funding for a subsequent term or year, if available.

Before accepting your Offer of Admission, you must review the Terms and Conditions of Admission and Funding booklet as by accepting your Offer of Admission, you will also be agreeing to these terms and conditions.

After you have accepted your Offer of Admission, you will want to review our complete checklist for New Grad Students which has a complete breakdown of things you should do after accepting your Offer of Admission.

Course registration will typically begin in June for September courses and you will want to ensure you keep checking our website for more information on New Grad Student Orientation.

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What if no decision has been made on my application?

If you have not yet received a decision on your application to Carleton, your application is likely still being assessed. You can check the status of your application in Carleton Central or by contacting the department to which you have applied.

Application Insider provides prospective students with a series of tips on how to apply to graduate school. The series is based on Carleton’s application policies, but the information can be useful in all graduate school applications. You can view the complete series here.

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