Carleton University is pleased to have signed an Agreement with the Organization of American States which will provide joint funding for students pursuing graduate studies at the master’s or doctoral levels at Carleton.


Eligible students must:

  • be a citizen of one of the member states of the OAS;
  • meet the eligibility criteria of the OAS scholarship; and
  • must meet the minimum academic and English language requirements of the graduate program to which you wish to apply at Carleton.

For more information regarding the OAS scholarship, please visit the OAS website.

Applications and Deadlines

Deadlines to apply for scholarships are set by OAS. For more information, please visit their website. When applying to Carleton,  you must indicate you are applying to Carleton under this agreement by emailing a letter or proof of funding to graduate_studies@carleton.ca.

Other Information

It is the applicant/student’s responsibility to ensure that the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs is notified about their intent to apply to a graduate program at Carleton University under this Agreement.

Please note that the funding offered to you in your Offer of Admission will be contingent on securing funding from OAS.

For more information regarding this Agreement, please contact us.