Master’s Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Four-year bachelor‘s degree equivalent: Bakalavris Akademiuri Khariskhi with Diplom i Tsarchinebit (5 years) or Magistris Khariskhi
  • Minimum requirement overall (B-): 3.7
  • Minimum requirement in the major (B+): 4.3

Doctoral Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Master’s / graduate degree equivalent: Magistris Khariskhi if completed after the Bakalavris with the Diplom i Tsarchinebit or Metsnierebata Kandidati
  • Minimum requirement overall (B+): 4.3

Three-year bachelor’s degree from institutions that meet the criteria established by the Bologna Declaration may be acceptable as the equivalent of an undergraduate honours degree. Applicants who hold such degrees may be considered for admission to a master’s program subject to the admission requirements established by each academic department.