About Joint Institutes

Graduate students in engineering, science and economics (PhD) programs at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa benefit from a unique partnership between the two universities. These programs are offered through Ottawa-Carleton Joint Institutes, allowing students to access a wide range of courses, expertise, research facilities and libraries. Through the combined resources provided by both universities, these institutes make our graduate programs some of the best and largest in Canada.

By studying in the nation’s capital, students will not only have access to the cutting-edge facilities and excellent faculty offered by each university, but also to various research centres found only in the Ottawa area.

The thesis advisory committee will be made up of representatives from both universities, thereby ensuring that students benefit from this breadth of expertise, encouraging them to think about their research on a much larger scale.

How To Apply

Students applying to a program offered under a Joint Institute must follow the application procedures and meet the admission requirements at the university to which they are applying.

Students are required to apply to one university, based on the location of the potential supervisor and their specific research area. If interested in more than one research area, students should apply to the university offering their first choice.