The field of psychology is dedicated to the scientific study of thoughts, feelings and actions from multiple perspectives (e.g. social, developmental, biological, etc.). Carleton’s MA program allows students to gain essential tools to conduct empirical research to study mind and behaviour. Our MA program is strongly research-oriented and provides students with an exciting blend of coursework, hands-on research experience, and community practica. Faculty members supervise students in a range of psychological disciplines including applied, cognitive, developmental, health, forensic, and personality/social.

Capital Advantage

Being situated in Ottawa, our students are exposed to unique research opportunities and can access Carleton’s many connections to agencies in the nation’s capital. This training lends itself to work in many different government departments and agencies such as the RCMP, Stats Canada, Department of National Defence etc. as well as private consulting firms. Many career opportunities are available just down the road.

Faculty Research Highlights

  • The development of shyness, social withdrawal and social anxiety in childhood
  • Individual difference factors associated with health, coping with medical problems, and seeking treatment for them
  • The development of new models of female criminal behaviour
  • The relationships among personality, social behaviour, happiness, and environmental sustainability
  • Situational awareness and technology in complex situations such as critical healthcare and firefighting


  • Cognitive
  • Developmental
  • Health
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Organizational
  • Personality and Social

Contact Info:

Graduate Supervisor: Monique Sénéchal