A “Flare” for Research

–Written by Mitch Jackson Bradley Conrad is one of the many Carleton graduate students working on the FlareNet project, which aims to provide a quantitative understanding of flare-generated pollutant emissions (i.e. “flaring”) which are... More »

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Application Insider: Edition #8

General Tips on Increasing Your Chances of Admission Graduate school is very competitive. Many universities, including Carleton, receive hundreds of applications for the same program(s) each year. Although admission into a graduate program is never... More »

Grad Research: Toxic Work Environments

–Written by Mitch Jackson Have you ever felt that your workplace was an unbearable place, filled with stress, emotional tension and anger? You may have been working in what is commonly referred to as a toxic work environment.   Ashley... More »

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Recent Network Issues & Grad Applications

New Update (December 5, 9:30 a.m.) The application system has been restored after having been affected during the network interruptions last week. There may be some instances where some functionality may be delayed as we are working through some... More »